Angainor Dev - DnaMask Idena Paper Wallet

A Paper wallet for Idena (DNA) Crypto currency

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Paper wallets makes paperwallets you can then print.

You can either use it online, or download the code and run it (open dist/index.html in your browser) on an airgapped computer, with no net access for extra safety.


We plan to support several paperwallet form factors and templates.

Paper Wallet Type 1

How to fold the Paper Wallet Type 1


Custom templates

You can create your own templates for this wallet, by using the following base (keep the same size and resolution):

Transparent outline

Labeled template

To submit your work, create a new directory under src/img/paper and place your image files there.
The name of your variation is the directory name. The required files to produce are:

Make sure your work is royalty free and you have all rights on the graphic content you submit!

Then issue a PR.