Angainor Dev - DnaMask Idena Paper Wallet

A Paper wallet for Idena (DNA) Crypto currency

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Hierarchical Deterministic wallet for Idena Crypto currency.

Full JS Version.


Auto build Github pages version:

Derivation mechanism

BIP 39 - BIP44 - SLIP-0044

Coin type 515 was registered, PR:

You can use coin type 60 (eth) for tests but this is highly discouraged.
A checkbox is available on the HD wallet generation page.

Paper codes

Paper codes allow to regenerate individual wallets without the master word pass.

Offline signing

Made possible with Idena.Today’s team help and dnaurl protocol, see


See test directory for API and sample use.



Donation address

Donations will help us maintain and improve this tool and other ones

Idena Address 0x883657237b465dbfd9e246d9b9a8628c4977a41b